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Angle and depth adjustment. More strap options.

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The footrest is an essential piece of outfitting on your boat.
It provides a contact point where you can transfer the energy you get from your paddle into the movement of the kayak using all the power of your lower body.

Nelo footrest for K2 offers a few configurable options as so it’s angle and depth adjustments.

And now it offers more strap options:
Full Footplate or Standard Footplate
Whenever you prefer full ou standard footplate you decide.
You got these two options with only one footrest that you can configure just with simple screws.

How to configure
By default, all footrest comes configured with the full footplate. To convert into standard you just got to release four screws placed at the back of the footrest. To convert into full footplate you need do the inverse procedure.

NOTE: It doesn’t include the pull bar/foot strap.

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