Pokrowiec wodoszczelny mały


XS-SIZED MAGNETIC SELF-SEALING BAG WITH GOOPER® TECHNOLOGY The small, transparent bag was designed for the small but important things in life, such as keys: safe and secure against water and dust. An additional band allows for the mini dry bag to be toted anywhere you go. The closing mechanism works the same as all the HERMETIC dry bags, fully automated, just let go and you‘re done.


The only patented magnetic self-sealing bag

Magnetic force has always been our passion at FIDLOCK. Millions of innovative buckles and fasteners worldwide are currently turning the opening and closing of clothes, shoes, bags and helmets into a unique and positive experience for the user. About 250 patents secure our uniqueness. Thanks to the patented Gooper® technology, our dry bags are becoming more and more popular by giving customers an innovative product with must-have-potential. Whether you are a beachboy or girl, a bike or backpacker, smartphone junkie or outdoor activist – the automatic, hermetic closing system of the bag allows you to keep all things safe that are important to you.

The HERMETIC dry bags won’t even stay open accidentally: “just let go!” The three magnetic rows close securely, even at a water depth of up to 30m.

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